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Repetitive manual tasks create countless problems including, wasting time and money, creating opportunities for unintended biases and human error, and leaving employees frustrated and burnt out.  We can automate these tasks to provide you quicker access to deeper insights and more time for employees to use their skills and knowledge on higher-level, more meaningful tasks

Interactive Dashboards

Visualize data in a simplified manner to quickly gain insights that will answer questions and inform decisions


Select use cases:​

  • Performance Calibrations

  • Succession Planning

  • Human Capital Scorecards

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Document Builders

Streamline the process of creating documents that are built on a recurring basis or by multiple people

Select use cases:​

  • Interview guides

  • Engagement survey action plans

  • Statements of work

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Presentation Automation

Automate creation of presentations to instantly share data and insights with stakeholders

Select use cases:​

  • Engagement survey results

  • Talent reviews

  • Human capital scorecards

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Dynamic Organizational Charts

Create customizable organizational charts for any level of the organization and push directly to PowerPoint where charts remain editable 

Select use cases:​

  • Succession planning

  • Organizational design

  • Talent planning

Org Chrt
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