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About Us

Tailored Solutions. Powerful Insights. Fewer Hours.

Tailored Solutions: Organizations are all unique and their areas of focus change over time.  We strongly believe in creating individual solutions for clients that match exactly what they need when they need it.

Powerful Insights: Organizations rarely have the time or resources to fully utilize the data they have available.  We strive to make data more accessible and provide clients with the insights they need to make informed decisions.

Fewer Hours: In today's climate, everyone is being asked to do more in less time and with fewer resources. We aim to help make that possible by simplifying and streamlining the reporting and analytic tasks people are asked to do.

Krista Chaney founded Savvy AnaltytIQs, LLC, in 2019. Savvy AnalytIQs is a human capital consulting firm focused on streamlining manual processes so organizations can devote their time and money on the work that matters.  Through customized solutions and simplified analytics, Savvy AnalytIQs can help eliminate unnecessary work and move more quickly and accurately from data to insights. Most importantly, this is done without needing to purchase an expensive one-size-fits-all technology, allowing organizations to completely customize solutions to fit their needs.
Prior to starting her own firm, Krista served in various roles across Human Resources including Talent Management, HR Analytics and Workforce Planning, and as an HR Business Partner. She also spent several years as a consultant focused on employee engagement. While in these roles, she noticed her coworkers spending their time performing administrative tasks and following inefficient processes leading to errors, wasted money, lost time, and employee frustration. Employees were squandering their talents on tedious tasks like managing spreadsheets, building reports, and creating charts, graphs, and presentations instead of spending their time on high impact tasks like strategic consulting. Throughout her career, Krista has creatively reduced these common inefficiencies by consulting with colleagues to determine their ultimate goal and not only build tools to automate the current processes, but also add features to maximize the impact of these tools.

Krista holds a bachelor’s degree from The College of New Jersey, and a Masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

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